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Deep Spiritual Earth Connection in the Modern World

Broadcast on September 13, 2022
With Jaraneh Nova
Hosted by Dr. Barbara Bain

Jaraneh Nova, a musician and music producer, talks about how important it is for people to reflect back to their own origin as it is where they are deeply connected. This will, in turn, be beneficial for them when it comes to healing, as healing comes from connecting to the earth.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to connect deeply with the earth
  • Your core, cosmic multidimensional self
  • Different earth songs
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Jaraneh Nova

Musician, producer, prayerformance creator and Indigenous Wisdom Educator

Jaraneh Nova is a classically trained vocalist, songwriter, and musician who creates through the lens of Indigenous wisdom and ancestry.  Using music, art, and multimedia, her shows manifest a contemporary ceremony that educates, uplifts, and inspires her audiences.  A child of the desert with a mix of Apache and Inuit ancestry, Jaraneh shares and transmits her unique experiences of deep spiritual earth connection in this modern world.  As a passionate voice for the rights of Mother Earth and the natural world, her art leaves you feeling more connected, alive, and optimistic about the power of prayer and consciousness, and our human ability to usher in a new age of grace, peace, and love.  Her music weaves ancient Native American elements with a high-energy avant-garde sound and story.

Performing live for over 20,000 people, her live show is a beautiful tapestry woven with live loops of ambient sounds, native flutes, guitars, vocals, and prayers.

Jaraneh Nova