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Mending Broken Threads: Dreaming and Kinship With Land Spirits

Broadcast on September 16, 2022
With Ariella Daly
Hosted by Dr. Marie Mbouni

Ariella Daly shares how to move forward in this time of social and ecological turmoil, and that the answer is right in your backyard. By forming a relationship with the local land features and spirits, you'll become a tuning fork for the messages coming from the Earth, acting as part of the collective of healers stitching humanity back into a sacred remembrance of our roles, relationships, and potential as vital participants in the evolution of the dreaming Earth.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Why developing a relationship with your local landscape is a vital act of ecological responsibility
  • How dreaming can become a way to hear the voices of the land
  • Tangible ways to invite and recognize discourse with nature spirits and the intelligence hidden in the landscape where you live
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Ariella Daly

Dream weaver, Shamanic Practitioner & Bee Guardian

Ariella Daly is a dream weaver, bee tender, mother, musician, and facilitator. Devoted to the bee in both the physical world and the spirit world, she beautifully synthesizes natural beekeeping, animism, dream work, nature connection, and embodiment through writing, retreats, and classes. 

Ariella has over 25 years experience designing, leading, and participating in earth-centric workshops and ceremonies. She is trained in a European animistic folk tradition, often called bee shamanism, with the honey bee and the serpent as its central motifs. Within this pathway, she is versed in shamanic healing, womb shamanism, oracular seership, and dream incubation.  

Her work combines firsthand knowledge of the honeybee species with an intimate understanding of bee shamanism. Ariella seeks to foster a deeper relationship between humans and the natural world through honey bees, and sees the bee as a bridge species between our domestic lives and the wild, both within and around us. She is a lover of wild places, liminal spaces and the song of the land. 

Ariella Daly