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Experiential Journey: Falling Through Dreaming

Broadcast on September 15, 2022
With Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Dreams are like unbidden journeys. They can be filled with insights, wisdom and visionary surprises from the world of spirit. This is an original story written and narrated by Evelyn C. Rysdyk.

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Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Renown shamanic teacher and author: The Norse Shaman, Shamanic Creativity

Evelyn C. Rysdyk is an internationally recognized shamanic practitioner and bestselling author whose titles include The Norse Shaman: Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Northern Tradition... Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power... A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools: How to Make and Use Drums, Masks, Rattles, and Other Sacred Implements... Shamanic Creativity: Free the Imagination with Rituals, Energy Work, and Spirit Journeying... and The Nepalese Shamanic Path: Practices for Negotiating the Spirit World, co-written with Indigenous Nepali Jhankri Bhola N. Banstola.

Along with her writings, Evelyn is an impassioned teacher and a featured presenter for global online programs and intensive courses. For more than 30 years, she's delighted in supporting people to remember their sacred place in All That Is. Whether through face-to-face contact with individual clients, her students from around the world, or through the printed word, Evelyn uses her loving humor, storytelling, and passion to open people’s hearts and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. 

She acknowledges that as people awaken their full selves, they are much more likely and able to make their unique contributions toward transforming our world.

Evelyn C. Rysdyk