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Downloadable Recordings of the sessions from the 2017 Shamanism Global Summit

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Tap Into a Deeper, More Multidimensional Reality

No matter what obstacles you face on your journey — health, finances, relationships and more — you can experience the heights and depths of the love, connection and guidance that are always available to you... if you know how to access them.

Practical shamanism is for everyday living and can help you meet these challenges. With The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017, you’ll gain access to techniques and practices that you can apply to every area of your life — easily, daily, and right away.

The esteemed shamanic teachers and healers featured in The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017 are offering time-tested wisdom that will equip you to infuse more soul-power, joy and reverence into your daily life. Plus you’ll receive clear vision about how to participate in a very deep way in the healing work that is so needed in the world.

You’ll discover a spiritual pathway of engagement that works on both the inner and outer planes — to effect positive change and connect you with spiritual allies and sources of sustenance that can help you shine your light much brighter.

Lock in lifetime access to this diverse offering of shamanic teachers and healers from around the globe — who are able to see the depth and multidimensionality of reality. You’ll experience an expansive perspective and discover their potent practices for traveling the inner passageways of your soul.


PLUS you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you act NOW!:

5 Paths to Clarity: Morning rituals practiced by Indigenous peoples

Recording with don Oscar Miro Quesada

In this session don Oscar shares five Indigenous morning practices, the keys to making them successful for you today, meditations, and guidance. These practices may be done individually, all together or in any combination. They are designed to keep us in flow with life, vitality, cleansing, clear thinking, and clear being.

Tribal Alchemy

20 minute journey recording by Nicki Scully

This magical journey will carry you into the void, a place in which shamanistic travelers can gestate their creativity and accomplish healing. Use this magical journey to co-create your own reality and to heal yourself.

New Moon Conversations

3 recordings - with Sandra Ingerman, José Stevens and HeatherAsh Amara — hosted by Michael Stone

What a gift! Michael Stone engages with favorite speakers in meaningful conversations about what’s really needed to shift our world in a positive direction, and how shamanism is key to that.

  • The Gift of Community with Sandra Ingerman
  • What is Power? with José Stevens
  • Open Heart, Open Perception with HeatherAsh Amara

Exploring The Shamanic Gifts Of Power Spots And Sacred Places

Ebook by José Luis Stevens

This book about sacred sites and power places is designed to prepare you to visit both local spots and world renowned pilgrimage destinations. You'll discover how to prepare and protect yourself, what offerings to bring, how to understand the nature of the place you're visiting, and how to clean up a site in a shamanic way. In addition, the hundreds of power places listed will inform you about where you might like to go on future trips. While there are other good books listing power places, none goes into the shamanic aspects as this one does.

The Norse Shaman — Seiðr Varðlokur

Journey and meditation music from Evelyn Rysdyk

Norse Shaman / Seiðr Varðlokur is consciousness-altering music designed to support a seiðr ritual and may also be used for shamanic journeying, meditation or dreaming. Accompanying the vocals are the wild sounds of nature, cow horn, staff and raven calls. Created as a companion audio for Evelyn C. Rysdyk’s book, The Norse Shaman, this hour-long recording also includes an opening galdr (poetic chant/decree) and closing galdr with callback signal. (© 2016 Spirit Passages)

The Power of Ceremony

Recording from Sandra Ingerman

For tens of thousands of years, shamans have performed a wealth of ceremonies — to access divine information, to invoke blessings, perform rites of passage, address spiritual aspects of illness and facilitate “crossover” at the end of life. Join world-renowned teacher and award-winning author, Sandra Ingerman, as she shares how shamans interact directly with compassionate spirits to conduct ritual and heal members of their community. From The Shamanism Global Summit 2016.

During this profound session, you’ll discover:

  • Key insights for performing a healing ceremony for yourself
  • Ways that ceremony can be used to heal our planet
  • How to properly prepare for a ceremony

Shamanic Skills for the New World

Recording from Christina Pratt

Shamanism offers us a set of skills that perform certain functions humans need to live well in this world, regardless of the time we're in. However, the way we apply these skills requires innovation and devotion. We're not the First Peoples. Not only does appropriating their practices lack integrity, but it doesn't necessarily even work for us. We're the people of broken lineages and untended gates of passage into birth, death and initiation. We need to understand shamanic thought and heart and action deeply to truly understand how to apply shamanic skills to our time in a way that allows us to change what must be changed and be the medicine of our time. (From The Shamanism Global Summit 2015.)

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

Audio book by Brooke Medicine Eagle

In this audio, the author, who was was raised on a Crow reservation in Montana, narrates an exploration of the fascinating uses of traditions like the Medicine Wheel, healing through ritual action, dreamtime, and the moon lodge — the woman's place of retreat and visioning. These powerful personal tools integrate ancient wisdom with contemporary experience, as Buffalo Woman calls each spiritual warrior to her own true place in the dance of life.

Spirit Messages

Original digital artwork by Evelyn Rysdyk

From the very first handprints we silhouetted on cave walls, we strove to build tangible bridges between the present and what is hidden from us by space and time. Our ancestors’ voices whisper within us even as future sirens lure us ever onward. Take hands! We can find our way through the darkness. (© 2017 Evelyn C Rysdyk)

Vigil and Flowersong

Two songs by Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke is a legendary Earth Wisdom teacher who began the “For My People” collection as she sang to deer, land, waterfalls and the Circle of Life around her. These songs are an honoring of the altar of Mother Earth, and a prayer for peace among All Our Relations. Also included is a spoken introduction.

Shamanic Power and Nature

Recording from Llyn Roberts

Llyn shares ancient approaches that align you with the power, energy and intelligence of nature wherever you live. You'll discover how to tap into the wisdom of our ancestors, which is alive in the land, stones, waters, winds, etc. Llyn highlights shamanic ways to invoke the transformational qualities of fire for personal and collective balance. (From The Shamanism Global Summit 2015.)

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to the 2017 summit session — recordings and transcripts — empowering you with essential shamanic teachings.

Package Value: $500




Your Shamanism “Tool Kit”

The visionary teachers in The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017 guide you with powerful shamanic practices and insights to help you journey more deeply into the cosmos AND live more peacefully and happily here in ordinary reality.

You’ll have access to real support on your path of transformation and embodying your highest self.

Upgrade below to experience the many potent layers of these practical, ancient teachings that can lead to more creative business ideas, happier relationships, clearer direction on living your soul path and so much more!

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Live with More Magic, Love & Synchronicity

The revered shamans and teachers from around the globe in The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017 will share with you how shamanism is one of the most practical mystical paths — because the goal is not simply to access and live in a more unitive state, but also to actively create more harmony in our outer world.

They'll not only show you how to truly honor Mother Earth as the most profound teacher you have; they'll also help you tap into universal wisdom to develop the inner skills you need to become more loving, skillful and wise in navigating your life — and stewarding the planet.

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • A new kind of activism that emerges from open hearts & open perception
  • How to find empowerment through shamanic pilgrimages
  • That shamanic healing is truly traditional medicine for the modern world
  • Heart-deepening experiences of visionary and practical shamanic ritual guidance applicable to personal & planetary transformation
  • How to draw on the invisible world for guidance and healing
  • Ways to tap into your unexpressed creative & intuitive power
  • An understanding of how shamanism was practiced in ancient Egypt
  • Practical tools for healing negative feelings & toxic thoughts
  • Your role as a co-creator with the Earth, the elements & the spirit world — accelerating the conscious evolution of our planet
  • How to access the subtle realms of consciousness (the upper & lower worlds) with guidance from allies there
  • A deeper sense of presence and reverence for the natural world — including plants, animals & Gaia herself

When you own The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017, you’ll discover how to see Spirit in ALL things and experience the veils of illusion slipping away. Upgrade below to learn to live with more magic, love and synchronicity, and with a more powerful connection to our plant and animal allies.

Here’s what You’ll Receive:

The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017

The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2017 includes instant access to the recordings and transcripts of the sessions from the 2017 Shamanism Global Summit.

Downloadable Recordings: You’ll receive online access to downloadable recordings from the 2017 Shamanism Global Summit sessions — to enjoy on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You’ll have this wisdom at your fingertips anytime you want, anywhere you want, as many times as you want.

PDF Transcripts: You’ll have access to word-for-word transcripts from the sessions. You’ll be able to read along with the recordings (or separately), highlight key points, take notes, and even search for specific words, phrases, references and more!

PLUS Your BONUS Package! An exclusive collection of 9 bonuses — from Sandra Ingerman, Brooke Medicine Eagle, José Luis Stevens, Llyn Roberts and more!

Package Value: $500




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