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Reconnecting to the Healing Power of the Spirit World

Broadcast on September 16, 2022
With Roel Crabbé
Hosted by Dr. Marie Mbouni

In these times of profound transformation, we are being called to bring forward the gifts of our souls, step into our greater potential, and be part of the healing that is now happening on the planet. Roel Crabbe will guide you to awaken your shamanic connection to the spirit world, meet spiritual allies, and receive the deep healing that becomes available when you restore this innate connection to your soul.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to awaken your personal connection to the spirit world and its power of healing for yourself and others
  • There is a powerful impulse for healing happening on this planet and we are all called to be part of it
  • The radiant power of your true and authentic self through the power of shamanic healing meditation
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Roel Crabbé

Shamanic practitioner and teacher

Roel Crabbé is a shamanic practitioner and teacher of shamanism and healing. He began his shamanic training in 1995 when he was 17 and struggling with suicidal depression and addiction. The profound healing he received led him to continue on this path, and he has been practicing under the guidance of shamanic teachers ever since. He has trained thousands in practical shamanism and healing since 2003.

Roel’s style of teaching is heart-centered and focused on compassion, healing, and service to Mother Earth. Characterized by simplicity and a focus on direct contact with the spirits, his training is innovative and filled with ceremonies and healing modalities given to him through his connection with the spirit world.

He has been recognized by several shamans for his ability to tap into ancient songlines from the spirit world and create spaces of healing and spiritual connection. Over the years, his work with ancestral healing songs, which are only sung once, has become an intrinsic part of his teaching and work.

Roel is founder of the Anam Cara spiritual center in Belgium. Apart from teaching, he is active as a sculptor, writer, and painter.

Roel Crabbé