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Program & Replays

You can still get summit session recordings and transcripts. Upgrade to receive unlimited access to the inspiration, resources and powerful practices presented by the experts featured in The Shamanism Global Summit.

The Shamanism Global Summit is an annual event where thousands of people like YOU from around the globe gather to discover practices and rituals for activating the time-honored shamanic principles you can apply in your daily life... and use to help evolve our world. 
Some of today’s most respected shamans, healers and teachers share potent insights for accessing more guidance, healing and power — and for fully embracing a sacred way of living on Mother Earth. 
They offer ageless wisdom and experience higher realms of consciousness that can help you clarify your vision for your life, release your past wounding and create sacred communities of trust. 
Plus, you’re in great hands with our summit host Michael Stone — a shamanic teacher and author of Organizational Shamanism: Revitalizing the Spirit of Work. His award-winning show Conversations: Possibilities and Perspectives on Local and Global Issues (KVMR) focuses on spiritual fulfillment, environmental restoration, evolutionary cosmology, community building, wellness and social justice issues.

We hope you’ll join us for the next live event (or upgrade to own all these recordings plus 11 powerful and practical bonuses), to discover a powerful path to spiritual alignment, abundance and love in your life, and a natural sense of deep interconnection with all the world — seen and unseen..

Alison Marks
Director of Summits
The Shift Network