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Awaken the Quantum Shamanic Healer Within

Broadcast on September 13, 2022
With Dr. Marie Mbouni
Hosted by Michael Stone

Dr. Marie Mbouni shares that we have been taught and programmed to seek answers and guidance outside of ourselves. Many have forgotten and are in a deep slumber. This session is an invitation for listeners to harness the power of remembrance about our most sacred and important gift — the healing presence within. When awakened, the healer within can help us reclaim our innate creative essence, as well as ground, integrate, and activate our soul purpose, dreams, and desires.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • That there is a healer within us waiting to awaken, and we have the power to do so
  • We have the power to command our reality, the Universe is available to us
  • Our unique vibration and frequency represent our gateway to activating the quantum shamanic healer within
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Dr. Marie Mbouni

Trauma-Informed Ceremonies and Integration Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, Coach

Marie Mbouni, MD, has been called the entrepreneurs’ shaman. She is a spiritual guide, a consciousness coach, and a trauma-informed sacred ceremony and integration facilitator. Marie is founder of Heart Leadership and the Source Codes Mystery School. She is a leading expert in guiding high-performing leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and creatives to get reconnected and manifest their fullest expression — where true healing happens — so they can achieve high levels of performance, holistic success, alignment, and joy.

Marie has boldly opened up to the power of the heart and mind, the beauty of intuition, and the all-encompassing power of love. She's now stepped into her destiny as a healer, embracing her potential beyond the confines of the mainstream. A philanthropist, Marie is passionate about sacred reciprocity and giving back to help the world evolve into a better place.

Dr. Marie Mbouni