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How to Know and Trust When Spirit Is Speaking

Broadcast on July 21, 2021
With Dr. Cari Jackson
Hosted by Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

As a spiritual seeker, at times, you may struggle with discerning when the voice you hear speaking within you is the guidance of Spirit, your own thoughts, fears or desires, or the internalized voice of significant individuals in your life. Listen to Dr. Cari Jackson as she offers valuable processes to enhance your clarity about who is speaking within you and strengthen your trust in knowing when Spirit is guiding you.

In This Session:

  • Enhance your ability to discern the guidance of Spirit
  • Gain greater clarity about narratives you have that impede you from trusting when Spirit is speaking
  • Increase the peace in your life as you allow Spirit to guide you, especially during times of critical decision making
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Dr. Cari Jackson

Emotional Intuitive, Spiritual Midwife, Social Healer

Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson is an emotional intuitive, spiritual midwife, and social healer. For nearly 40 years, she has used her exceptional spiritual gifts to help countless individuals harness and transform life-limiting narratives and unhealed traumas, and to embrace peace, joyfulness, power, and unconditional love. 

Dr. Cari is the developer of Taking Back My LifeTM, an empowerment and healing program for survivors of sexual assault. She incorporates wisdoms from Ancestral, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Ifa, Jewish, and other spiritual traditions, to connect deeply with broad audiences. As president of Excellent Way Consulting, Dr. Cari enhances the capacity of spiritual leaders and communities to support the thriving and dignity of all people across demographic and cultural differences. She's served as adjunct faculty at Union Theological Seminary and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where she taught “The Christian Chase for Power” and “Ministry in Multicultural Contexts.”

Dr. Cari holds a PhD in Christian Social Ethics, Master of Divinity, Juris Doctor, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. She's authored five books including The Gift to Listen, The Courage to Hear; Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt; and For the Souls of Black Folks; and co-authored Sisters in Mourning, released in May 2021.

Dr. Cari Jackson