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Wild Wisdom

Broadcast on July 19, 2021
With Michelle MacEwan
Hosted by HeatherAsh Amara

What is Wild Wisdom? Michelle MacEwan describes how it underpins everything and enables us to regrow our mystical roots. She shares inspiring ways to practice and develop your wild wisdom and takes you on a short guided journey to the Heart Centre.

In This Session:

  • An understanding of deep inner wisdom available to us all
  • Ways to practice, trust and develop your wild wisdom
  • A practical exercise to amplify trusting how and what we receive, and the power of the magical signs
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Michelle MacEwan

Shamanic Practitioner + Teacher / Spiritual Activist + Storyteller

Michelle MacEwan is a spiritual teacher and guide with natural healing abilities. She is an international speaker, environmental activist and storyteller, with more than thirty years' experience leading retreats, guiding groups, and working with individuals (entrepreneurs, business leaders, activists, creatives, and those who are discovering their pathway) towards a deeper wisdom.

Along with her husband, Michelle also runs a wildlife rescue shelter to care for and rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals. Her work with wildlife is part of her greater mission to raise awareness about the wild, and our place in nature. Michelle helps you discover, or evolve, your own unique pathway with wonder, grace, and deepening resolve to come back to your unique place in the natural world.

Michelle MacEwan