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Generational Trauma Healing

Broadcast on July 22, 2021
With Efu Nyaki
Hosted by Michael Stone

Generational traumas are the types of traumas that have gone around over and over without our awareness. We are connected to our ancestors where neither time nor space can separate us, and in the same way, we are connected to everybody and everything in the entire planet. Efu Nyaki tells us how an effort to heal one's own trauma today, is the opportunity to heal the entire universe.

In This Session:

  • Work on restoring ancestral resources which is fundamental to healing and wholeness
  • Learn about phenomenological and systemic approach that comes from the concept of a free flowing life, that moves and develop naturally
  • Teach how healing relationships with our parents/family means healing our relationship with the entire universe — growing in spirituality
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Efu Nyaki

A Holistic Healer and a Teacher

Euphrasia “Efu” Nyaki was born and raised in Tanzania where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree, trained as a science teacher, and as a holistic healer. She is a faculty member of Somatic Experiencing®, and a professor of the Hellinger Institute's Family Constellation System Therapy (generational trauma healing). For the last 27 years, Efu has been living in Brazil facilitating training and therapy for trauma healing using these systems.

She has also facilitated training and workshops on various types of trauma healing in India, Egypt, South Korea, China, Bolivia, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Tanzania, Philippines, and Hong Kong. Efu is a co-founder of Afya Holistic Healing Center, located in the northeast of Brazil, which supports people from the local community, as well as national and international individuals seeking healing through natural and holistic methodologies.

Efu Nyaki