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Opening the Doorway to a Higher Truth ~ Many Lives ~ Many Times

Broadcast on July 20, 2021
With Grandmother SaSa (Swan of the North)
Hosted by Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

We are on the cusp of a life-changing time. Our world is at a doorway to seek a higher truth, a door that we all have been waiting to open. How many times have we come to this sacred door only to return and question, asking how, why, and what  as we seek, trust, and move forward to encounter the unknown. The change is inevitable, and Grandmother SaSa (Swan of the North) shows us that now is the time to move forward. We learn through faith, love, and understanding. Beginning at the Eastern door, building our bridge to Creator.

In this session, you'll:

  • Gain a better understanding of the changes in our world as seen through the wisdom of an elder — and suggestions on what we can do to maneuver through and move forward
  • See the doorway to a higher truth as an opportunity, using the basis of faith, love, and understanding as a vital part of coping with the inevitable changes we face
  • Learn what the ancient ones said about the current unprecedented world changes; Grandmother SaSa speaks about honoring the waters, and offers significant tools and simple practices to assist humanity.
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Grandmother SaSa (Swan of the North)

Founder of The Rose and The Swan, Healing Center for Healing the Healers

Grandmother SaSa was born in central Maine to a father of Abenaki/Scottish/Irish descent and to a Japanese mother. While growing up, she realized her gifts as a seer, a dreamer, and a healer. Grandmother SaSa studied with an honored elder, Cherokee medicine woman Grandmother Nakai Breen, Rose of the River and Beloved Woman of the People, for 20 years learning how to remember the things she already knew and receiving new teachings.

Grandmother SaSa lives in West Ossipee, New Hampshire where she founded, inspired by a vision, The Rose and The Swan, a center dedicated to healing the healers. The center is operated by donation only. Twice a year, on the first Saturday of every June and every October, Grandmother holds a Medicine Hoop of Life sacred ceremony that was passed on from Grandmother Nakai. 

Grandmother SaSa lives with her husband, Terry, of 50 years, and with assistance from helpers, also conducts sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies, wisdom sharing, and the teachings of beading in the Traditional Way. She continues to work with trauma of the generations, gifted children, adults with brain trauma, the Crystal Earth Project, and has traveled the globe to share her broad wisdom, conduct sacred ceremonies, and assist with healing when asked.

In May of 2018, Grandmother was honored to join grandmothers and elders from around the world to share wisdom at the Gathering for Humanity event in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2016, Grandmother SaSa was recognized for her humanitarian work when she was named as one of the first recipients of the Tribal Trust Foundation Grandmother/Elder Fellowship Fund administered by the Women's Voices Project.

Grandmother SaSa (Swan of the North)