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Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020

This package gives you the opportunity to receive INSTANT (after broadcast) and lifetime access to:

Video Recordings of EVERY session in the 2020 Shamanism Summit – watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the 2020 Shamanism Summit – listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of TEN compelling audio and video recordings, including a COMPLETE 7-part Shift Network course from Sandra Ingerman called Cultivating Shamanic Perception: Practices for Living an Awake, Grounded & Harmonious Life (a $297.00 value in itself!)

Regular Price: $247



Listen to the Earth, Revere the Elders, and Call Forth a Brighter Future

In the book Seeker of Visions, John Lame Deer prophesied that one day everyone will return to living like the Indigenous peoples of the world.

According to Dakota tribal lawyer Angelique EagleWoman, John Lame Deer meant that “other cultures would need to respect the Earth and her resources, realize that all of life is interconnected, and take seriously our responsibilities to each other and all that lives.

Shamanism and “applied mysticism” can help you realign with these principles of interconnectedness and deep harmony in nature... find clarity as you journey into deeper realms for guidance... and supply you with renewed strength to be of service.

The esteemed teachers and healers featured in the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020 move you toward this restored harmony through sacred ritual and practice – empowering you to help heal the division and harm happening in our world today.

With this timely and salient collection of teachings, you’ll receive ample guidance in practical shamanism. Our speakers are offering you tools for everyday life – ways to cut through the confusion, complexity, and dissonance of our modern world – to become a clear, open-hearted warrior of love.

You’ll learn how to summon the spiritual allies, protectors, and guides who are ready to support you in rebirthing yourself and rediscovering your True North in this lifetime.

With this unique collection, you’ll glean wisdom from Peruvian shamanism, various lineages from the West African diaspora, Indigenous traditions from Turtle Island (the Americas), Europe, and many more.

Plus you’ll receive inspiration and empowerment to participate in the healing work that is so needed at this time in the world.

With this invaluable library of timeless transmissions, you’ll discover:

  • An understanding of these times as fulfillment of prophecy
  • Access to regenerative powers far beyond your own, and how to source those powers safely and ethically
  • Effective ancestral practices and ways to embody steady, grounded service through the demands of the times 
  • How to craft direct, personal experiences of revelation — like home pilgrimages, ceremonies, and retreats — to bring healing and peace
  • Timeless techniques for staying centered during times of intense change
  • The deeper realities of your own strengths you didn't know you had
  • Three key principles of being a cultural mystic that will help you cultivate wholeness, self-compassion, and access to deepening relational intimacy
  • The bridge to accept your own divine animal and release its great powers of love, energy, and intuition
  • How to use this time as a period of sacred seclusion to create ceremonies of spiritual discipline
  • Methods to connect with the faces of the Divine that call to our sacred hearts, guided by ancient goddess and gods 
  • The power of owning your impact on the earth as a sacred responsibility
  • How to connect to the lineage of your ancestors, and how this will inform your future

  • And much more...

You’ll also rediscover ways to truly honor Mother Earth as your most profound teacher. And you very well may be inspired to become an active and loving steward of the planet.

The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020 will help you fully absorb and put into practice the comprehensive teachings and tools in the Shamanism Summit.

When you purchase the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the First Nations Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund, assisting Indigenous U.S. communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

First Nations is passing through 100% of donations to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund without any agency cost. The entire amount of any donations and grants received from foundations will reach Native communities directly. Emergency funds have been awarded to 71 select Native nations and Native-led organizations (including in Alaska and Hawaii) to support human services, response, and relief efforts.

PLUS you’ll receive immediate access to these bonuses when you act NOW:

Cultivating Shamanic Perception: Practices for Living an Awake, Grounded & Harmonious Life

7-Module Video Training With Sandra Ingerman and Evelyn Rysdyk

Reclaim your humanness and deeply connect to the Earth, cosmos, and hearts all around you in a visceral, experiential way. With this course, you’ll rediscover your innate capabilities for self-healing and help to heal and evolve our planet through shamanic practices.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between how power can be used for healing and transformation versus for perceived control over others
  • How to tap into supportive energies that can help you maintain your strength and power to draw in the energies you wish to experience in your life and for the world
  • How to work with habitual thought patterns that perpetuate ways of behaving that sabotage your efforts to live as your authentic Self

And much more...

Rituals & Practices for Transformation

3-Part Audio Series From HeatherAsh Amara

In this special 3-part audio teaching, HeatherAsh shares what it means to use rituals and practices to create more peace and presence. She’ll guide you through a visualization to invite the support of the four natural elements (Air, Earth, Water, and Fire)... and she’ll lead you in a potent daily grounding meditation.

Universal Shamanism Compilation

3-Part Video Compilation From don Oscar Miro-Quesada

In these three expansive, heart-opening sessions, don Oscar shares why heartfelt reverence is a catalyst for human and planetary evolution — an antidote to the existential crisis permeating our world. You’ll discover the Vista en Virtud (i.e., "virtuous sight") from traditional Peruvian folk healing (curanderismo) — an ideal vision for engaging the ancestral past in service of the present. You’ll also hear the shamanic perspective on how our inherited belief systems and cultural constructs determine our predisposition toward pain and suffering.

Here are the teachings you’ll receive:

  • Universal Shamanism: Gaian Evolution & the Future of Humanity
  • Shamanic Gnosis: Re-Membering our Ancestral Wholeness as a Path of Healing for Humanity
  • Shamanic Soul Medicine: Transforming the Past & Healing the Present

Drum Journey Beyond Death

Video Meditation Journey From Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Take a drumming journey with Dr. Albert Villoldo as he guides you into a world beyond ours. You’ll follow the ancient maps to explore the realms of the Upper World and other states of consciousness.

A Traditional Prayer & Meditation

Video Recording From Grandmother Flordemayo

Pause in communion with Grandmother Flordemayo as she calls on the Four Directions in a prayer and meditation for humanity. The meditation was recorded on the sacred day of Q’anil — representing the golden head of maize at its perfection of ripeness.

Ancestral Lineage Healing for Personal, Family & Cultural Transformation

Join author and teacher Dr. Daniel Foor as he focuses on ancestral repair work on blood lineages. This framework encourages not only personal and family healing, but also cultural repair around issues such as intergenerational trauma, unresolved lineage debts, ancestral shame, and reclamation of previously undervalued lineage gifts.

During this fascinating session, you'll discover:

  • A framework that can hold both the horror and the beauty that dwells in our diverse ancestries 
  • Effective ritual technologies for assisting the troubled dead to become well-seated ancestors who are able to serve as potent allies in cultural and family healing
  • Ways in which the troubled dead are implicated in cultural troubles like racism, sexism, and colonialism, and learn how this influence can shift to support just and healing futures

When Love Leaves

Audio Story From Yeye Luisah Teish

Enjoy this original "eco-romance" by illustrious storyteller Yeye Luisah Teish, featuring the interaction between humans and nature. You’ll be drawn into this modern fable of two people working to address the clash between urban and rural approaches to relating with the environment. Discover how the love of nature ultimately brings them together.

Healing Through Ritual Action

Audio Teaching From Brooke Medicine Eagle

Your body contains powerful tools for creating transformation. In this practical teaching for both professional therapists and laypeople, Brooke explains how to use physical actions to clear and reprogram the brain and body. She says that just sitting, talking, and emoting are not the keys to deeper transformation. Instead, getting physical — including simply going outside — is a wonderful addition to any therapeutic or personal growth regimen.

You’ll benefit from Brooke’s powerful teachings, based on the wisdom of accessing the ancient and shamanic intelligence that already lives within you.

When the Stars Fall From the Sky & She Was Born in the Rain

PDF Poem With Audio Song From Tanaya Winder

Photo courtesy of Natahnee Winder

This healing poem and original song by Tanaya Winder are about the struggle to return to our origins, and to Mother Earth’s healing powers. Join Tanaya in this fierce and tender call to come home to yourself. Her potent words and voice provoke these questions: Is the source of the wound the source of the healing? How do we get there?

Tanaya calls on humanity and Mother Earth to bring healing into the work. It illuminates both the pressure and power inherent in the call to heal.

Poem: When the Stars Fall From the Sky

Song: She was Born in the Rain

3 Key Practices of Cultural Mysticism and a Guided Meditation

Video Meditation From Michael Stone

In this compelling bonus from your summit co-host Michael Stone, he describes the basic principle of being a cultural mystic — one who uses ancient alchemical practices to help us let go of our burdens. You’ll be invited to release the weight of your own past, as well as your ancestral, familial, and cultural traumas, all of which can imprison you in the confines of your limiting beliefs. Michael will lead you on a guided journey to help you identify and integrate frozen and dissociated parts from the past that have limited your freedom, self-expression, and ability to tap into your innate and essential goodness.

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to the audio and video recordings and transcripts of every single summit session – empowering you with essential shamanic teachings for years to come.

Regular Price: $247



Draw Comfort and Support From the Ancestors

When uncertainty and anxiety about the future sets in, it’s comforting to remember that there are an estimated 80 billion others who have gone before us on this human journey... and their collective wisdom and experience lives on in our very cells.

The message is: you are not alone. There are innumerable resources to draw on as you walk through hardships – if you know how to access them.

Whether you’re new to shamanism or an experienced initiate who wants to expand the power of these practices in your life, the revered presenters in the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020 can help you shift your understanding of your purpose and place in the universe.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive from the luminary speakers in this summit...

Grandmother Flordemayo will share about the daily spiritual practice of prayer, and how it enables continued and exponential growth of both body and soul... helping you create internal and external harmony with all creation.

Thomas Huebl expounds on the healing alchemy of shamanism and the mystical traditions that can bring us into greater harmony, coherence and alignment with our soul's purpose.

Fredy Quispe Singona (Puma) will explore the new era of the Teriti Pacha, which humanity is currently entering, and discuss love, leadership, and healing from the Andean perspective.

Yeye Luisah Teish will show you how to embrace and metabolize heartbreak by drawing on the power of the Orishas, so you can become more powerful and present.

Hear from dream warriors Lyla June Johnston and Tanaya Winder about how they developed a deeper connection to their own cultural roots and heritage.

With Sandra Ingerman, you’ll explore how shamanic cultures have been trying to prepare us for centuries for times just like this... and how to heal fearful or toxic thoughts that can arise while living through this time of uncertainty and change.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo will demonstrate how to summon luminous beings — a lineage of medicine men and women who work from the invisible world — and become a part of their lineage of Earthkeepers.

Mandaza Kandemwa will elucidate the qualities of good leadership — as considered by God, spirits, and the ancestors — that can bring us into unity and help our natural resources flourish.


And much more!

By owning the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020, you’ll learn to live with more magic, love, and synchronicity — and a more powerful connection to our plant and animal allies.

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It’s time for you to embrace your unique gifts and launch them into action in a way that activates your joy and power – and expands your capacity to create positive change in today’s world.

With the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020, you’ll own the teachings, profound insights, and practical tools to support your continued growth and connection with your true self – and map a pathway to renewal, wellbeing, and purpose.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020

The Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020 includes instant access (after broadcast) to all the recordings and transcripts of every session from the 2020 Shamanism Summit.

Video Recordings of EVERY session in the 2020 Shamanism Summit – watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the 2020 Shamanism Summit – listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of TEN compelling audio and video recordings, including a COMPLETE 7-part Shift Network course from Sandra Ingerman called Cultivating Shamanic Perception: Practices for Living an Awake, Grounded & Harmonious Life (a $297.00 value in itself!)


Regular Price: $247



When you purchase the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the First Nations Covid Emergency Response Fund, assisting 71 communities hardest hit by the pandemic.


When you upgrade today, your purchase is backed by our complete money-back guarantee. If for any reason at any time within 60 days you decide that the Shamanic Wisdom Collection 2020 is NOT right for you, just visit our Customer Service Center and request a refund. We’ll cheerfully refund your payment in full within five business days.


Reminder: The 2020 Shamanism Summit is a LIVE event. Following the live broadcast, you’ll have access to the replays for 48 hours. After that time, you’ll have access to the recordings ONLY if you have purchased the package offered on this page.

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